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Love’N Pixels is a professional wedding videography and event videography specialist in the Albany, NY and surrounding areas. We specialize in capturing every cinematographic detail of your special day, other big events or production sets.  
" I remember doing my first production in middle school for the morning announcements! After my graduation in 2013 for film & video production, I was curious of my next step. I was a top student in my class but did not know exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to apply all of my film skills into an industry where my clients can value my work for the rest of their lives! For years, I've practiced doing all kinds of video production. I've shadowed with movie directors, professional cameramen, producers and local friends that did video production for a living. I've always been passionate about all aspects of film! I filmed my first wedding back in 2015, I loved watching my first client's response to the film that was created. I FELL IN LOVE INSTANTLY! I quit my full time job and formed a diverse team of individuals with the same interest and skills. We have been dedicated to wedding films since then! Work is no longer a job to me, it is my career! It is my life!!"
Donte B.
Owner Of Love'N Pixels/Lead Cinematographer
 Our entire team is dedicated to the couple and their needs on the most important day of their relationship.  We provide personalized services and the highest quality films that your entire family will treasure for years to come. We present each couple’s story in a fine-art style but also document the realness of the event with candids. The split second moment of that first kiss or glance, and those people close to you that you treasure and love.
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