Most frequent questions and answers

We are stationed in Albany, New York. We travel anywhere! Your first 100 miles is FREE! If you are getting married outside of our 100 mile radius, please contact us and we can give you an estimate for our travel cost. 

We do! With our Director’s Cut you will be able to relive your entire day.

We highly recommend 4k quality! 1080 High definition is still the standard these days but 4k is very close to being the standard. There is a big difference in overall picture quality. The detail in 4k is amazing!  All of our cameras shoot in 4k or better. Here is an example to see what the difference is. 

Absolutely! We have many of add-ons such as drone coverage, engagement shoots ect. We go over all of your options in our free consultation. 

Cinematographers go above and beyond the basic functions of a camera. Our cinematographers are dedicated to capturing every moment of the wedding but also using creativity and skills to elevate the overall film. Assistants have basic skills with cameras but are mainly there as support for the lead shooters.   

The more support provided the day of the wedding, the easier it is to not miss any moments! 2 is always better then 1 just in case of an emergency also. Unfortunately, this can happen at anytime. Also the more cameras, the more detail your film will have.

This is actually a great question! We typically go over your day in detail during your consultation to figure out when your coverage will start. 

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